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viable, the better off we are. in san francisco there's more dogs than children. finding a viable use for dog poop. >> proenvironmental policies, that's a way to win hearts and minds. >> good evening i am the director of the culture association and devoted to the program and here we have master of arts. (applause). (speaking spanish) (speaking spanish). >> what he is saying that thanks to the bant. bante he got funding for of the peru vaifian culture and got approved. >> (speaking spanish). >> okay. >> good. (speaking spanish). >> so we have a variety of instruments -- that we're going to be showing you. >> (speaking spanish). >> the name of the instrument is called tale boheha. >> (speaking spanish). >> it was a time in peru when the africans were prohibited from playing or making instruments. >> (speaking spanish). >> so they were forced to make their own instruments. >> (speaking spanish). >> so they use the surroundings and big jars and they used to have water or other type was drinks. >> (speaking spanish). >> covered with leather skin. >> (speaking spanish). >> and they make
job we do in the community. >> goodbye. but chair maxwell: welcome to lay and use. i am the chair, sophie maxwell, and i am joined by david chiu and later eric mar. madam clerk? clerk somera: please turn off all cell phones. chair maxwell: i believe we do not have other reports today. madam clerk, i number one. clerk somera: mission bay north, blocks n3-n3a. >> what you have before you is a project that is located within mission bay north. i will give you the image so you can see where that is. we're talking about public infrastructure for blocks n3 and n3a, and that includes the sidewalk as well. that is on king and berry and between fourth and fifth, and i will show you an example of the structure. the sidewalk on berry, from property line to property line, street trees, and street lights. the director of public works issued a notice determining that the project was completed and ready for acceptance and intended use. the department of planning has determined that it met the terms of the general plan, in the redevelopment agency determines the acceptance of the appurtenance and
state and federal funding for children, the foster care placement funding and allows us to draw down that same level of funding, but provide services for children in family settings who are at risk of going to a high level group home placement. so we're able to access more funding to provide the services that they need to maintain them in family settings. and that is an interagency partnership between human services, mental health, juvenile probation, and the school district. and then seneca connections is the private agency that actually provides the service. so it's primary -- primarily the child welfare kids and the few mental health clients who access that. and this just gives a little bit more description of who is actually eligible for the service. you need to be in at risk of group home placement and you need a 362 status or be a.b. 3632 eligible or have a.p. we're also offering it to adoptive families to make sure the adoptions stay in place. supervisor dufty: how long is that extended for new family adoptions? i have had situations where adoptive households have had iss
were at 72%. this again was historic and people were mesmerized, and no one more than us, that we could reach that goal because the incredible work that you see from the folks behind me and the imagination of recology. and then composting happen. first city in america to require composting. "san francisco's off the deep been. they have lost." we do not know why it did not happen before. the ban on plastic bags, and no one could shop again. we have shut the economy down. water bottles. now with composting, you have gone too far. "you mean, sir, that you will require me to take eggshells, and i have to put them where? the green, the blue, no, no, the green -- that is too much." san franciscans could never figure this out, and some actually went to my private garbage. reporters had a photograph taken of my garbage. it opened the lid. came down and visit me at home. there was a top of a water bottle in a green been, not the blue one. this is outrageous. the garbage police are next because they are going to find you. this is a way of generating money. of course, what we were ultimately gener
that already and have questions. we want it as a discussion than us lecturing you on what we finds to be successful. that's the way the workshop is going to go. i will pass it along to our panelists to introduce themselves and talk about their organizations. thank you, again, for coming. [applause] >> hello i'm charl davis program direct for the mo magic which is western addition fillmore of adolescent growth in our communities. i'm a resident of the western addition and been doing work in the community before this was organized. mo magic is part of the bay view mag i believing in the public defentders office it started in the bay view in 2004. last year supervisor mirkarimi liked the work that was doing done with be magic and wanted it expanded to the western edition. as of november of last year the program was organized. it seeks to bring community based organizations. cities and residents to talk about how to best serve the community and how we can work all together. we meet every other week in the western addition to discuss that. even though it's focused on the western additi
that. >> aye been using the bathroom in the back. [laughter] okay. bathroom humor now. we are getting low. any other questions? >> well thank you for all coming on your saturday. appreciate it. and remember your evaluations. we have a volunteer that will collect your evaluations. and thank you. we will see you soon. i have a card if anybody wants more information about the stuff we are doing. the models we are working on so thanks a lot. [applause] >> thank you very much. so i hope the first morning of the sifrt neighborhood empowerment summit was enjoyable. we will vote by applause, how about that. yeah! >> and hope you enjoyed the lunch as well. we would like to begin the mid day portion of today's summit and that is the keynote address that will be presented by latoya cantrell of the association of new orleans. i'd like to get that started in a moment. there were a few things i would like to give to our attention the evaluation form in our folder on the left side second page is critical. a lot of people provided insight in ways woo can improve things here. we would like to get t
and your strategies. block captains aided us in our recovery. block captains are people living on blocks who stepped up to say, i will be the eyes and ears of my area. i will walk and see who's back and who's not and their intensions. our block captain program is still alive now. we restructured it we are moving from who's back and who's not to dealing with the quality of life issues that arrive on a daily basis. whether it's you know crime, whether it's blight, whether it's zoning issues. people rebuilding and not adhering to the new zoning laws it's constant. i would also take you through marketing your neighborhoods now. starting to, we were digtus media inc. who was a corporation in san francisco provide us with light post banners with no cost and we were able to put them through the neighborhoods. it afforded the opportunity to have banners and what do you call them -- i can't think of the name, billboards throughout the neighborhoods to claim that broadmoored. it had an impact on people buying in the momentum and getting involved in the community and feeling that my neighborhood is
all, -- itis a one-size-fits- all and does not recognize the difference in the way cyclists use the road from madras. people were given a citation for rolling to a stop sign at an intersection that was empty. -- rolling through a stop sign at an intersection that was empty. if there is no clear direction on what kinds of cyclist behavior should be targeted and what kinds of madras behavior should be targeted, you're going to continue -- what kinds of motorist behavior should be targeted, you are going to continue to seek a slap- enforcement of things that do not pose a continuing danger. particularly around the fact that in order to come to a full and complete stop on a bicycle often will slow the entire intersection down. i come to an intersection. very frequently, the motorists will go through and i will go through, because if i was to come to a full or complete stop it stops everybody behind me. i am not advocating that we change the law, but i am advocating for a sensible solution that recognizes that bicyclist use the road differently. we ride to the side whenever possible
have before us today is really the beginning of a conversation to find out the fate of cathedral hills, to find out if that will be the same type of engine for human betterment or whether it is displacement to be continued. thank you. >> good afternoon. i am also with the good neighbor coalition. we have been working with residents as well as community- based organizations in the tenderloin and central city, and we have been doing a lot of outreach and education about the van ness area plan, special with residents in our community, and we have found a lot of folks are wondering about the issues that have not been looked at and have basically been ignored, and the folks in our community are watching it very closely. we want to know that housing will be billed out of this play and. for the most part, folks are concerned about the increased number of jobs in the immediate area to the hospital and the impact on affordable housing in an already low-income neighborhood, where housing is already a distress situation. as well as the impacts that traffic will have on the neighborhood, which cou
patients like myself that are able to use cpmc facilities. so far, cpmc has not agreed to any of this. our communities have the right to compete for jobs as well as health care at cpmc. thank you. commissioner miguel: thank you. [applause] >> good afternoon, your honor, ladies and gentlemen. i am proud to present myself. hei have been in the tenderloin area for almost 20 years. i understand the situation. we must be giving back. three years ago, and i was invited to join this group, this organization, and i asked quickly if it was a good organization where they are building a huge hospital and housing. i said that i would join the group, so that is why i am here in front of you. very soon, this very year, my family is coming soon. -- i'm sorry to mention this. the situation is quite difficult. it is really bad. that is why i prepare my family to join me. that is why i only want to ask people to consider our plea to give us the opportunity so that i can how's my family. it is a big family. -- so that i can house my family. i understand that is my only chance to get my family in the house. o
to that, but it would help. we generally use those monies to pay for any kind of animal welfare needs that we have. in these tight budget times, we have seen a lot more animals coming in to the shelter with a lot more needs, especially veterinary needs. or materials and supplies have been running really high. we generally take money from those donations to offset the medical care of the animals. that is the background on how it came up. i am happy to answer any other questions you have. chairperson mar: sure. hopefully this leads to more big donations to panel welfare. >> i would not mind. we can use it. chairperson mar: let us open this up to public comment. is there anyone from the public would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. it is moved and seconded without objection. please call item two. >> item 2, hearing on the recently published 2009-2010 civil grand jury report entitled "sharing the roadway -- from confrontation to conversation." chairperson mar: this is an item based on a 2009-2010 civil grand jury report. we have a number of speakers and presenters her
supportive of guiding me through the economy and how i can use my disability for benefits. i have been a client for about a year now, and received support and guidance from them. they have helped me with referrals, navigation, and websites to use, and how to survive through today's difficult economic times. i believe anyone can get a job, and i believe that anyone can reach their desired destination. care. pregnant women in labor will be forced to go across town by bus. thank you. >> think you. -- thank-you. >> thank you. i work for the general contractor as an intern. on one to say that there is vast experience from the u.s. and around the world. this is what these two companies have, they have a lot of experience. there was a lot of planning and a lot of consideration. they were expected to have this situation. every week, we have a meeting on what we have to do and every single week and every single week, these issues are addressed in town -- are addressed. this is a work in progress and that is why we are here. every square inch of the hospital has been planned. and the infirm and
. >> she ended up moving -- using all this money for her personal use. trip to las vegas. paid her rent. paid for her food. entertainment. >> reporter: the deputy da told us that she is charged with attitude criminal -- with 29 criminal counts. her public defender entered a plea of not guilty. >> reporter: whatever the financial loss or personal hurt, it hasn't diminished the spirit. >> reporter: one told us they just want to move on. other student, reacted this way. >> i would feel very disrespected, violated. i think people work hard for their money and they want to put it into a place it would be trusted. >> you trust people and then at the take advantage. >> i hope they can raise some money and i'd like to do anything i can to help. >> reporter: out $20,000 they are hoping to bounce back. the d a's office says its working with the university police to recover the money. in san francisco. >>> ac transit riders are about to pay the price for a budget short fall. just an hour ago the agency announced which routes it is getting rid of. we will show you some trips that used to require on
not approve the allocation of $80,000 of funds for back to work day referring to the funds be used for capital projects instead. there was considerable discussion on this item. the chair pro tem moved to allocate funds for free of the -- three of the projects, including bicycle safety and back to work day, as he feels that bicycle capital improvements are more important than bicycle out reach as a matter of principle and that the city builds bicycle facilities, people will come to use them. out of reach was said to be critical to use the facilities and support the goal of increasing the share of bicycle facilities. staff pointed out that there is a majority of 1.4 $4 million included in the five-year program for the bicycle program for the facilities. explaining that as part of the mta program for bicyclist, education and outreach, engineering and enforcement, these are all enforcement -- important. civil facilities are not sufficient. you must educate and encourage their use. glenn davis asked about previous outbreak -- every to efforts and modes for bicyclist and what the sources of the data
's taken us a while to get here. president crowley: i know tommy's team is happy not to get into this too much further. so in our folders, colleagues, and behind tab nine is our resolution. now we can -- if you're ok with this, we can move this action on to the board, if that's where it would go. if you're comfortable with that, i'll entertain a motion. >> second. president crowley: it's been moved and seconded. any further public comment on the question? hearing and seeing none, adopting resolution on number nine, all those in favor, please signify by saying aye. >> aye. president crowley: opposed? you guys have it. >> thank you very much. next item, michael? >> item 10, discussion of possible action to authorize the general manager of the san francisco public utilities commission to request approval from the board of supervisors to accept and expand grant funds totalingedly 9 0,000 from the united states environmental protection agency for the civic center sustainable district project to manage water, wastewater, stormwater, and other elements sustainably and to execute all required ag
and actually pg and e was an original founder that got us started on our efforts. and of the things we work on one is to maintain and to continue to update our neighborhood disaster response plan. we have been developing a plan and our updating it and continuing to revise it. the plan basically out lines how the various organizations within our network will work together and coordinate and consolidate their resources and efforts in the result of a disaster. the plan defines the roles the agencies will play. what roles will the medical facilities play and how the 3 will consolidate the resource. the crisis counseling what the roles are. also important factor obviously is how we can stay in communication in the aftermath. with the assumption in a major earthquake there may be not power or working land lines or cell phone service. one thing we did was to purchase radios for shart range communication and hand radios for our central system to communicate with dem and other organizations. sorry. >> and so, you know, and the plan also identifies potential shelter areas in the local area. also des
misconceptions' because we are not doing our part to help change it. if that is true, i want jerry to tell us whether or not he agrees with that assessment. >> do you agree with that? >> jonathan said something that i absolutely agree with. that is the media reflects what the public wants. in my view, the media, in general, feed a voracious appetite for vengeance by an informed public. often influenced by fear, prejudice, and ignorance. i think one of the reasons criminal defense lawyers argued so poorly is people do not understand the source of crime. they want simple, quick responses to a complicated long- term solutions. you cannot fight crime by doing what the governor is doing, cutting social services and building new prisons. [applause] you do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand. all of us who have been involved in the criminal-justice system know where people who commit crimes come from. they are poor people, people of color, victims of abuse, the mentally ill, people with substance abuse problems. there are the people that fall through the cracks of society. but that is th
. we are no longer enrolling new employers. for us, we are at the status quo. we have a month left. we're working hard to get our folks ready for the transition. we hope to not have to do that, but we are preparing for pretty bad news. today, final push. the mayor will talk a little bit about the program as well. >> thanks, and thank you all very much for taking the time to be here. i actually just left senator feinstein, who has been a champion of this program. the reference that not to impress but to impress upon you that we need all the friends we can get all the champions we can get to extend this program. 3820 families are being served by this program. these are families, many of which -- close to, in fact, 1000 of these families were on welfare, and now pulled out of welfare and have the dignity of a paycheck and the dignity that comes with a paycheck. when they come back home to feed their family. that is not a rhetorical line. that is not a line just to place some politics. that is quite literal. this program, arguably, is the most successful stimulus program in the united stat
: if the application was presented to bdi? -- dbi? >> they give us a permit application number. that was all they give us. we actually took the drawings away. it was going to be an over the counter revision. it was withdrawn, so there was no record of it. vice president goh: ok. >> scott sanchez, planning department staff. just to clarify, this is a printout from our property information system. the top permit is the june permit. this means it was given to the department of building inspection. if it was an over-the-counter permit, it does stay with the permit holder and they bought it from station to station. they may have just gone down, had the number registered, and taken the permit with them. i will let the deputy director kornfield elaborate, but that is my understanding of the process. that is what the plans may not be on file with the department. vice president goh: i wonder if i can see that again. that is revision 2. what is revision 1? >> the skylights and windows not visible from the street. vice president goh: to add skylights. that is dated april of this year. >> i think the permit was s
of what the other panelists have said are very useful. >> thank you. >> we heard from our exerts a lot about the successes and the tools and strategies that they use to really engage their communities. a lot of us in the beginning raised our hands and said we were very actively engaged in the community already. it's a good time to talk about the challenges that come up. i'd love to hear from you in the audience what you see as challenges. what you would like to hear our panel give advice to or just hear your concerns and see what we can do to offer you support. anybody have a question? yes. >> i have a question about [inaudible] what techniques do you suggest from revitalizing a neighborhood association and get people become on the positive track [inaudible]. >> okay. i know that the film crew needs us to repeat questions. the question is what do we do about burn out in the community when we have success in engaging people and the energy sort of deplates out, what do we do? >> i can start with that. involving a large section of the community who's interested. we ask for volunteers.
network all of us up here. i hope throughout the day it's driven home that it begins in the community. you can out reach to the organizations and city departments and get the support you need but it come back to the community. i really want you all to leave here today with the tools and strategies you need to go forth and do the right thing in your communities and build strength and power. it's up to all of us to continue to build community and organize. i thank you all for your participation. we will stay here for a bit to answer any other questions people have as they are leaving. thank you all very much. [applause]. i have a news letter and people have things to distribute. >> robert's rules in brief is right here. this is the break outsession on disaster preparedness. many of you were here for the lunchtime speaker talking about the broad more district about how community building before a disaster aides in recovery. and that's a lot of what we are trying to generate through the neighborhood empowerment network. we know in san francisco it's not if we have a big disaster it's when. us
they are not afraid would be helpful for us. >> anybody in the audience want to speak to that specific issue? >> okay. >> do you conduct out reach in schools? and in public housing laelement and how do you work with rec and park. >> yes, yes and yes. with the schools we have red cross youth clubs. we do the training and first aid and cpr. we have the 1 minute announcements for everyday we do a preparedness message to get the school prepared. we do out reaches to schools and the pta's and churches and other organizations. we will come out to your homes, neighborhood associations. all we need to do for our free training is need a room with 20 people. everything else we take care of. >> we partnered with the disaster coordinator for the school district to train teachers and students. the students receive the 20 hours of volunteer credit if they take the training class. we are trying to start a team nert training program in the high schools. the health and science requirement is somewhat of a fit but whenever you add something to the school curriculum you take something away it's an about th
available from the apartment of zoning inspection. he could have called us to get a copy of the plan. our architect is here to speak on this matter and just to make sure that we did everything correctly. we engage an attorney to assist us in this process. we ask sure station request be heard as scheduled. i would like to ask my architect to come in and speak on the revisions. >> hello. the revision that was referred to was never followed through. there was some discussion about prefiguring part of each country of the decks so we applied for the permit revision and this is decided to be withdrawn. there is no revision of june 6th. >> is there any department the comments? >> is to any public comment on the rescheduling issue? >> commissioners. >> if the issue of revision is a moot than i am prepared to hear it tonight. >> can we hear from one of the department's about that issue? >> i tried to check on the tracking system on line. >> technically, the commission revision is still in the system. >> sorry to interrupt, technically it would be in the system, we applied for it but it was never r
. we will not fund you. that's not acceptable to us. >> it was originally 250 thousand dollars. so we were well over that 25 percent match. we asked for nearly a hundred i think. 99, 999 i think. >> you know, there's several businesses that a combination of my professional service were 30 grand i think. and businesses giving in cash grants and there was service people producing benches actual labor. there was i can't remember it breaks down for maintenance. maintenance is it's own thing. basically alot of cash from various businesses that pledged it. and there is a gap. i think, still. which is you know question mark still. may be more. [laughter] guesstimate. >> bases on that scale are expensive. anything that involved concrete is expensive much remoremoving . >> no, not in the end. >> was there a neighborhood organization? >> there is a neighborhood organization that encomp uses that area the hayes valley neighborhood association which i am a member of. and they have been supportive. something they plugged into immediately because it's in the market/octavia plan. it's identifia
has two commercial use tenants. in addition to these, there are various underground easements. earlier in july, the transportation authority approved the impact relocation study. it addressed how the 55 residents of chinatown will be relocated. they need to be provided comparable housing. that was approved. right now, the mta is negotiating the acquisition of the properties. they should go to bid by march of this year. also part of the project is an arts program, which is in accordance with seven to discuss city policy. -- san francisco city policy. the purpose of this is to commission some of our local pieces. right now, the budget for this portion is $14.5 million. basically, it is intended to enhance the rider's experience. you notice the station we have on market street right now are rather bare, except for advertising -- utilitarian is a better word. to that effect, in july of this year, two artists were selected for the project. they are now in the development stage. mta submitted the report for the new starts. the letter for prejudice approval. that will allow them construction
congested. people will use this corner as a right-hand turn that will not stop. i think that this will cause problems and they will take into consideration the traffic study report. maybe we can have more crosswalks hot -- crosswalks. sometimes they do not. the second thing is to create more space on the sidewalk so that the residents will have more space because we do have a lot of people that are handicapped and have wheelchairs. all of that can be in consideration. i don't think that anyone who necessarily fight a hospital coming in but i heard some concern about the job. it is people in this committee. the community would love to have jobs in this area. even though they think that they have a voice, we are having the contention of 2010. if they would like to donate funds to us and our committee, we will be happy to accept the donations so they will be part of our community service. thank you. >> good afternoon. i am a resident in the tenderloin and i work as an organizer. a lot of good points have been made about people's concerns and the opposition. i will not repeat what has been said.
volunteer hours and given us a sense of hathey look like. that's what we really like. and the volunteer hours can be inunskilled labor or professional services those canning volunteered up to 70 dollars an hour. if you have an architect in the neighborhood donating their designs that's a 70 dollar value. you can quickly come up with a nice match if you have a robust community. that is the selling thing the more you have the more you can do and the more likely you will get our grant and several grants. and then you go to other grants from other institutions like san francisco beautiful. so then to further emphasize the community challenge portion of the match, we then score applications once they come in. with a heavy emphasis on community building and community benefits. if you have the application package it's self explaintory 35 points to community benefits. 20 points to neighborhood participation. 30 pounts toward project feasibility. the paps, 20 points is sort of furthered by 10 points in the community benefit's section. a lot is geared toward projects that have a lot of neighborho
imagine. first, start with the stuff that you like to put in your dishes. if you use a lot of parsley, put it in there. maybe broccoli, cauliflower? in my case, i'm a huge fan of fresh beets. i love beets. i also love arugula. there's nothing like an arugula salad. and heck, it works in soups and on pizzas. and i also use a lot of chives. so that's what's going to go into my garden. first steps with this wine barrel here include a little bit of gravel in the bottom, one to 2 inches. a high quality potting soil, too. be sure to read the label. you want things like kelp meal, feather meal, bat guano. this is good stuff for inside your garden. once it's in there, you're ready to rock and roll. you get planting by mixing in a diversity of plants. break up the roots a little bit. plant to the same depth as where the plant may have been inside the 6-pack. get a few of those guys in there. make it look pretty. it doesn't have to be perfect, because this is your home farm. some flowers. it's already looking wonderful. we don't want to forget some fertilizer, too. throw a couple of
more question. who's developing tools to be using or measuring. is that with you kevin? >> it's a partnership. all of the dcyf date us. they do go through ri tu cana. so we work in partnership on many of the projects with d crrks yf. >> ok. so -- dcyf. >> ok. so to measure the program's effectiveness, both of you are developing the measures. certainly school attendance and school engagement is going to be at the top of the list. we're incorporate rating the school require jments -- requirements. our post secondary program is college prepared, college ready, there are goals that defined their readiness. and i i that those certainly -- the goals that we have within our high schools. building goals to identify as students get to their senior year how ready they are. they have a post secondary success plan. attending school, engagement, like i said building a portfolio of their experience with their success with the big picture. they have -- they actually do oral presentations. what's it called? exhibition. thank you they actually locate their learning. so it's atanments of those
shooting each other. from both sides of the street. police think an ak-47 was used. 50 rounds were found on the ground. no arrests have been made. >> a developing story gas leak that has been affecting a roadway in orinda. pg&e has told us they have finally capped this. this is that broke what road. let's go live there with jackie sizzle on the scene. >> pg&e have shut off the gas but brought no way is shut down cruise over here this is where the contractor that was working over night punctured to the gas line that cause the issues out here. they're still working out here but they are saying they are 15-20 minutes away from reopening parts of downtown orinda this is the third time in two days we've seen a ghastly this one was a contractor using a back hoe ruptured the main. >> yesterday was caused by construction crews as well. the concern is how long it takes pg&e to stop it. this has taken hours to shut off the lake. >> pg&e is defense a lot of times they're not on the scene when that happens it takes awhile to get here and figure out what line has been ruptured and they go through the
play republican and democrat politic politics is another day we lose. don't you see they are using us on that game? you have to see it through their eyes. this is what they see. things are unsustainable. everybody knows, it's unsustainable. so how to solve it now? we say small government, they say redistribution of wealth. not between the rich, not from rupert murdock to you. but from you to venezuela. redistribution of wealth and global government run by elites. once you understand this, this story is going to make sense. this is happening today. hillary clinton wants global standard for cook stoves. what? if you are looking at life, free market solution, small government, this is unsustainable. this makes no sense. you say what is she doing? cook stoves? this of this not through your eyes but their eyes. cook stoves. earth has a temperature. redistribution of wealth and global framework. re-read the goals. clinton says she wants to boost access to large-scale carbon financing. redistribution of wealth. because it's unsustainable. she added our long-term goal is to have a universal a
by cigarettes. tobacco is the only product that will use -- that when used will kill a least half of the users, and on average, smoking takes 10 years away from your life. my father could have lived years longer if he had not smoke, and i think this is a measure that strongly protect public health, and i urge you for your support. thank you. president chiu, i forgot to think many groups and individuals who heads spin years helping to fight this for public health, including someone from the department of public health, dr. katz, and i also want to think many of the community organizations, including one with the lgbt groups, which has provided education for me and many activists and health advocates. i also want to thank a researcher and the many public health advocates that are in the crowd today, so, colleagues, please support this ordinance for a public health. thank you. president chiu: thank you. any additional discussion? if we could take a roll-call vote on this item. clerk calvillo: [reading roll] there are 7 ayes and 3 noes. president chiu: this item is passed on the first reading. ite
that there is a better tomorrow. as leaders, each of us has and responsibility to answer those and to leave our children, a better world. >> after the luncheon, speeches resumed in the u.s. delegation walked out as iran president, much more, and it's just that americans were behind the terror attack. and an attempt to ensure israel's survival. the i rain president mahmood, did the jo a ahmadinejad. >> details coming up fifth off ♪ >> new details on the california budget battle. the lawmakers have just reached a first step to the agreement as riven telling you. the state budget is 85 days late. and joining us on the phone press secretary karen a clear, and you said that the legislative readers have a framework. >> that means conceptually, they're all to agree on how the want to pose close as $90 million deficit. the work on the details of the weekend and reconvene on the weekend. finally, a >> with a tax increase have been resistance. and what does that conceptual agreement? >> i do not have the details of this point and will be worked out over the weekend. typically, this is the first step, there will
:00, and services should be restored in downtown orinda by 9:00 a.m. as well. and joining us this morning is janet keeter. she is the orinda city manager. tell me a little about what you have been doing to deal with this situation this morning. >> well, good morning. yes, we have been out here since -- well, the incident occurred about 11:30. and i think i was out here about midnight. it's been a long night for everybody. but between the fire department, police department, and certainly pg&e, it's been a good team effort to get everything back together and restore the road and gas line. >> reporter: i understand from the moragga orinda fire department that there was no concern at any point. once they realized it was not a six-inch break, it was a 2-inch break, that there was not a concern that this could be a worse gas being leak. >> right. as soon as we were aware that it was not a 6-inch line that we originally were reported, we then let the residents know who had been evacuated as a precautionary measure that they could return back to their home. >> explain to residents and viewers at home what
, robbing her of $200 before getting away. >> it gives us a black eye in law enforcement. >> he says bad guys who pose as cops make it tougher for the good guys to do their job. >> when you have that little bit of doubt in people's mind, it makes it that much more difficult. >> while police beg to look for name tags or badges or any sort of identification, most people admit that's not what they do. >> i'm pretty nervous. i don't know if they like it if you ask for their badge or their name. >> honestly, they're probably wearing a badge, and if they look official, i probably wouldn't give it a second thought. even though i've heard of this happening before. >> he says posing as a cop is unusually easy to do. >> through the internet or mail order stuff, you probably could buy almost everything. >> what's unique in this case, the suspect's black suv, possibly a chevy tahoe, with flashing lights on the grille is almost identical to the real p.d.'s brand new undercover cars. now, the suspect is described as a black man in his 30s, bald and clean shaven. police say that there were likely dozen
on this thursday at 5:00. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. in the news this morning bulldozers will fan out through the san bruno neighborhood devastated by a natural gas explosion and fire. officials say it's time to begin removing the demolished homes. jenelle wang is live in san bruno with more on the story. >> cleanup crews will start coming in at 8:00 this morning to clean out all the debris at this disaster site. they're expected to be here the next four to six weeks. the first job to remove close to two dozen charred cars so they can get the heavy machinery in. then remove debris from the hot zones first. 34 homes to be cleared but could be more later. the cost is about 30 to $40,000 for each job site. for the victims that lost everything, still a lot of questions as the bills pile up. >> as far as insurance. >> what we all went through -- i don't know when that healing process starts to begin. we're still numb. >> as cleanup continues, water trucks will continue to water down the ash to reduce any toxic levels. the san jose county health department has brough
car operator uses to stop the cable car. it's a very important piece of metal. it's the official emergency brake that drives a metal wedge into the ground and pushes the blade and imbeds itself for a quick stop. but these slot blades keep us going. ladies and gentlemen, once more, the slot blades! [applause] ♪ ♪ oh, go bop ♪ go bop, bop, go bop, bop, go , go bop ♪ ♪ go jingle bop ♪ go bop >> the slot blades, ladies and gentlemen! >> thank you. >> is everybody ready? is everybody ready? to announce the amateur third place category in 2009. tom sweeney. third place, amateur category. tom? >> third place winner goes to kblx. let's hear it for kblx. right. congratulations. congratulations. thanks, tom. >> go away. now second place, ladies and gentlemen. from triple-a. matt newcomer. all right, matt, who is our second place winner in the amateur category? >> our second place winner is the team from abc 7. >> abc 7 come and get it! couple of words? >> thank you so much. if you watch abc 7 at 3:00 p.m. um see this trophy on tv. >> ok, excellent. all right. and to announce t
you can use it on current employees, legacy employees so someone decides i want to clean it up. i have someone who has been five or 10 years, i want a legal work force and run their names through e-verify. why not? why not give the employers a tool? why not let them use e hifere verify with a prospective employee with a legitimate job offer. we have that under a drug testing law in iowa. if you show up and you want a job, go through all of the hoops and they can say to you, i have gone through all the hoops, you have to take a drug test before we can put you to work. that's what we do in iowa. no complaints, no lawsuits. and i encourage them to do that. we should be able to provide as employers an illegal-free workplace so modernizing e-verify so it can be used on current legacy employees and with a legitimate job offer is a legitimate thing to do. and the third component we need to do, madam speaker, out of this, is we need to clarify wages and benefits to illegals are not deductible for federal income tax purposes and doing that allows the i.r.s. to run the social security numbers an
teenager. today they sent a letter out to parents letting us know what happened. tonight a father tells us his anyone is in describable. family and friends of 17-year- old raymond justice gathered for a quiet vigil in front of his home. he raised raymond as a single father. after seeing combat in vietnam, he never thought he would experience the horror of trying to save his own son on the streets of oakland. >> this is blood right here. i said that with the police, give him mouth to mouth resuscitation and his last breath came and i knew he was dead. >> reporter: last night around 6:30 he told his neighbors raymond ran to his home after he was shot at a nearby bus station. there was an altercation before the shooting. >> she was working with him on some of his homework and he was on his way home from that. >> the principal from the high school told us raymond had been receiving tutoring at oakland high shortly before the shooting. he was a junior with a 3.3 grade point average and planned to attend college. >> it's tough. i mean, you know, he is a kid that had a bright future. >> reporter:
. natalie morales will join us for a live report. >>> what's it like to be a member of a polygamist family? one man and his four wives are here in the studio to talk about it in a live interview. >> let us begin with a check of the top stories. >> thank you so much. good morning. >>> in the news this morning, president obama challenging world leaders to support a peace deal and if they do, he says, it may lead to a new member of the u.n. an independent state of palestine living in peace with israel by this time next year. on wednesday the president said the u.s. will continue to help developing countries but instead of buying short-term solutions, he said, the focus will be more on diplomacy and investment to help nations prosper. >>> nato confirms the taliban commander has been captured in southern afghanistan. the commander helped supply militants in the area with money for weapons. >>> in iowa egg producer testified before congress on wednesday apologized for salmonella outbreak that sickened 1600 people and led to a massive egg recall. a second egg producer took the fifth amendment. >>
members of the bullis family died. dna was used to identify 50- year-old gregory bullis and his 85-year-old mother. the coroner also confirmed remains found at the family home were those of 17-year-old william james bullis. the family had already acknowledged their deaths. >>> pg&e crews began to dig up a natural pipeline running right underneath a densely populated area. but it's not in san bruno. recent tests uncovered a potential problem with this pipe in south san jose near the east ridge shopping mall. a robot inside picked up what appeared to be a dent. >> we got the the results -- the results back last wednesday. so we are seeing was under the ground and making what repairs are necessary. >> samples near the pipe and soil will be determining the remaining use of the line and we have continuing coverage of the explosion on, including more information about pg&e's response since the fire. >>> tonight, one of oakland's largest employers has a plan to move hundreds of jobs out of the city and into suburbs. clorox says they will move 500 workers to their pleasanton location b
in the repairs of necessary. >> reporter: soils will be analyzed to project the useful life of the overall pipe and is also slightly electrified. the same way the hose up ships are protected. >> if we find evidence of a dent weevils sandblasted and wrap it and make repairs. >> reporter: pg&e has 6,000 miles of pipelines running from bakersfield to the oregon border. i am consumer editor, tom vacar. >> to see a list of the high risk pipelines, click the tab on our homepage at >>> the first day of classes had some extra excitement today -- first day of classes had some extra statement today when a natural gas leak was reported on campus but it appeared that construction crews hit a gas line with a backhoe and emergency officials said they were not worried about an explosion. >> the university does contain 13,000 students and they were self evacuated from the dorms. they were upwind away from the situation but most of the students had made it to campus disable the. >> they were safe. nobody was hurt and they should have all been able to attend their classes. >> pacific gas and
were holed up and a meeting was arranged between us and some of the people from muni. there were 12 merchants there, as well as three people from the muni. they replace the streetcar track segments in four blocks and not a single merchant went out of business life on board street. bridget went out of business like onboard street. when we started there were six small stores on ocean avenue. [tone] is that my time? supervisor avalos: that is your time. we can grant to another moment. >> i will be great -- i will be brief. the judge over the courthouse was talking and talking, i had to come in late. anyways, the property owners that i represent along ocean avenue, for example this morning we did not know about this meeting until three days ago. i do not mean to be contentious with the people promoting this, but they could do a lot better job at sending out notices and tending -- telling us all. we did not know which you doing this morning except to come here. i think that they need to do a better job of sending out notices and conferring with us. we are listening to what they say but t
regarding procurements. of course, those do not often yield a lot of useful information as most agencies already procured to get reimbursed by federal agencies or state agencies. even regional agencies. the purpose of a performance audit should be to shed light on the policy issues that can help an agency navigate the problems that are structural and policy in nature. the proposed scope, which was actively develop by members of the board does a scope that looked at three major areas, looking at the way that projects are done and that facilities are done. the facility area is particularly interesting as it has to do with where the fleet is maintained and the rest of the projects deal with large investments. the fleet procurements is perhaps one of the most critical areas to endeavor for the next five years or so as a complete renovation comes of age again. in this case the process will be priced at well over $1 billion in a subsequent management that is coordinated with funding agencies to make sure that it is not just available, but is leveraged. it is very crucial to the success of the
back inside their homes. the city manager has been updating us for hours now. >> right now we're all on standby. we have had about nine units from the sheriff's department that responded. we had three engines from the fire district that responded along with fire chief and battalion chief. >> reporter: the fire department, pg&e crews are out here. we actually can't smell any of the odor that has been placed with the natural gas because the wind is kind of pushing that all away from where we are located. but we can hear this two inch line still spewing that natural gas into the atmosphere this morning. we can tell you anyone trying to access eastbound highway 24 may have trouble at this hour. the city manager has already made contingency plans for drivers commuting this morning since repairs aren't expected to be done soon. we've been told it is shut down through downtown. but brookwood has been opened. so drivers can drive past the theater and on to the freeway. we'll have more on this coming up in just a little bit. live from oridan, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> two other
to the committee. please use the speaker cards in front of you to the rail on your left. supervisor chiu: please call item no. 1. >> item number one, hearing to review the city's provision and coordination of services to victims of crime, to: (1) what support and services do city departments currently provide crime victims?; (2) how do various departments that interface with crime victims coordinate their activities?; (3) what are the gaps in the system that need to address, and what coordination needs to occur?; and (4) how can victim services be best provided in a culturally competent manner? supervisor chiu: thank you. colleagues, this is an item i have asked for the committee to consider, along with supervisor maxwell, stemming from my experience as a criminal prosecutor years ago. highly publicized incidents in the southeast part of the city, my office worked with a number of crime victims and we heard many stories that pointed to shortcomings and gaps in how our city held to address crime victims'. i have asked a number of city apartments to meet with my office and through tha
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